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Your words, 

but better. 

Put your readers first with editing that makes your content shine. 

Who I Am

I'm Kira, a freelance content manager, editor, and writer.

My middle name is Rosemarie, which doomed me to constantly be called Kira Rosemary. “It’s Rosemarie,” I would say. “You know, like the name Rose and the name Marie. But together.” 


Ironically, emphasizing this kind of clarity is what I stand for now.  


Coincidentally, I love rosemary. It’s my favorite herb, with its earthy and sweet scent, its flavor that perfectly complements everything it’s paired with, and its name that so closely resembles my own. 


This is why, when I introduce myself online as Kira Rosemarie with a little sprig of rosemary above my name, I’m showing exactly what I can offer you: clear and precise writing that’s down-to-earth, with the perfect tone to complement your business goals.


Book an Intro Session

  • An overview of all your content and how it can improve.
  • Work with me to create a custom style guide for your site.
  • Learn what your blog is doing right and how it could be better.


"Kira helped me write cohesive and concise copy while maintaining my personal voice. She made me look more credible to my potential clients! I'm a health coach, but I think people from any industry can benefit from working with her."

"When it comes to empathy and connection, Kira definitely understands how to connect with the end-user through her writing - which, nowadays, is essential to SEO and converting visitors into customers.
I would highly recommend Kira for conversion and sales writing in relation to SEO, as well as ghostwriting that really connects with people."

Josh, founder of @pawsyourgame

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